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so since Im out of school and its summer I have a lot more time on my hands. like more time to actually make some artwork. but I still haven't done any lately. Im lazy. Im really going to try and draw soon and post some more on here since Ive been so inactive. sorry guys. Sweating a little... :D (Big Grin) 

So the beautiful Mari tagged me. So guess I better do it.

1) What is your name and age? Sonja Rae Pelletier. 14 

2) What are your hobbies? skating, drawing, attempting to write poems, singing even though I sound like a whale when I sing, READING!

3) How tall are you? 5 feet exactly. 

4) Single? Taken? I is taken :P 

5) Where are you from? California. cali living! (I know that was pretty gay of me)

6) Favorite TV Shows? umm umm umm… too many shows to pick any favorites 

 Favorite Anime? don't have one. Im a loser, don't watch anime 

 Favorite Authors? Richelle Mead, Lauren Kate, and many udders 

9) Special Skills? Skill?, like my mad skittles? umm..I can breathe really well *chokes on air* 

10) Do you have a lot of friends? kinda. I know a lot of people but not all r friends. 

11) Public School? Private? Public school with a bunch of retards, .-. 

12) Pets? A lab and border collie mix, blue nose pitbull! (not vicious at all), a kitty =^.^=, and lots of fishies 

13) Do you live in a poor or nice area? neither. its not poor but its also not like i live in a mansion 

14) What are your favorite subjects and career goals? umm art when i still had it and english. I wanna be a pastry chef. I'm gonna make a lot of people fat including myself >.< 

15) Have you ever "dated" online? yeah definitely, all the time 

16) Craziest thing you've ever done? hmm… rolling across a usually busy street in the middle of the night with rubbing alcohol and a lighter, trying to set the street on fire with my friend. I guess.

17) Most embarrassing moment in your life? uh uh umm umm…i dunno. I embarrass myself all the time sooo

18) Favorite Food? the kind that is eatable. Lasagna is the bestest in the world but I like all kinds of food.

19) What is your favorite thing to do on Deviant Art? Meet new amazing people and listen to Mari rant and gossip in her crazy way =^.^=

20) How many of the LaughingGurlz™ do you know? Have you introduced yourself to them? I don't know many of them at all sad to say. Im ashamed...
Hey guys! Please watch my brother!! sticksnstones89 he is really good :)